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ARE YOU, or suspect you might be, OBESE?

Achieve Your Weight Loss & Body Shaping Goals!

Congratulations! The fact that you have found this page means that you are ready to take action to achieve your weight loss and body transformation goals!

*** I KNOW you can do it, because I did it myself! ***

Yes, I said it. FAT. Eff Aaay Tee. FAT.
Let's not mince words, shall we. You KNOW you're fat - just like I KNEW I was! Don't be offended by the terminology - a rose by ANY other name is STILL a rose! The people in your life may - or may not - be lying to you about your weight to be PC or non-offensive. Whether they are or not is irrelevant. YOU ALREADY KNOW you are overweight, if not morbidly obese like I was. You hear it in your head every time you look in the mirror. You battle internally every time you put something in your mouth you KNOW is contributing to your size and poor health. You see it in the way people look at you when you are eating or ordering food in restaurants. You've heard the snickers and rude comments anytime you venture out in public. You've felt the frustration EVERY TIME you try to squeeze yourself into the last size pants you knew fit you, only to discover that you can't even get them up over your thighs! You've been frustrated, discouraged, disgusted, hopeless, exasperated..... you feel you've tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING has worked to get the weight off - or help you feel better about where you are today!

If you're looking for someone to buffer this reality and make you feel warm and fuzzy about the weight you've gained - TURN BACK NOW. I refuse to lie to you, I will not mince words. I HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE, and I know all of the excuses and mistruths we tell ourselves to make putting our health and happiness LAST make sense and seem reasonable. I PROMISE YOU, I am NOT here to make it "okay" that you created the body you're battling now. I AM HERE to tell it like it is, hold you accountable, and GET YOU RESULTS so that you can FREE of the prison of your weight, and living a life you LOVE.

My name is Rebekah, and I am a single mom of six and grandmother of seven, who just a few years ago was diagnosed as morbidly obese and borderline diabetic. I overcame tremendous odds to purge 100+ pounds to reclaim my health and quality of life. I did it without surgery, drugs, money, support, or even a gym membership. I had everything working against me - so trust me when I say I KNOW I can show  you how to do the same!

I WAS TRAPPED in an abusive marriage, struggling to lose the of excess weight I'd gained through EATING MY EMOTIONS. I was stuck inside a body that was failing, and a life that was crumbling around me. I didn't even realize HOW MUCH weight I had gained until a family member made a video of a holiday gathering, and I DIDN'T EVEN RECOGNIZE MYSELF! I was HORRIFIED when it hit me that THAT OBESE WOMAN in the video - was ME!

I escaped my relationship - only to be held hostage by the padding I had accumulated to "protect" me from my abuser. It did not take long for me to understand, that if I didn't make a change - and NOW - not only would I not live long enough to meet all of my future grandbabies, I wasn't even going to be here long enough to see my youngest child graduate from high school! And even if I did, I would be in NO condition to get to truly enjoy them! My weight was affecting my ability to work, to play with my kids and grandkids, and I hadn't even gotten to thinking about dating again! UGH!

I hated what I had become, and was disgusted by what I saw in the mirror when I got out of the shower. Not only could I not get up a flight of stairs without questioning whether I would survive it or not, I simply wanted to be able to walk into a department store and choose an item off the rack knowing it would FIT ME without having to humiliate myself by having to return it when I got it home and found the largest size they had DIDN'T FIT.  I had to realize that the relationship that I thought would kill me, ACTUALLY WAS, and I was the ONLY person who could do anything about it!

I made a decision, and committed to making a transformation. I researched, worked, succeeded, failed, and did it over and over until I finally claimed victory over my circumstances. There were no doctors supervising, no programs for losing over 100 pounds on your own, no drugs I was willing to take, no surgeries involved - nothing but myself, hard work, and my dedication to transforming. I didn't even have a single friend I could confide in, or to support me along the way. THAT IS WHY I decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Loss Coach, and Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist and reach out to women just like YOU - or rather, just like ME - who have a lot of weight to lose and no support to do so. I HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU STAND, and I am here to show you the way out.

THE ONLY REQUIREMENTS of working with me are; a burning desire to change the things that put you in this position, a commitment to your health, happiness, and quality of life, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve your weight loss and transformation goals! Trust me, there is no place you have visited in your head, your heart, or your journey that I have not been! I have overcome it all -and I am here to help YOU reclaim your health, your life, and your happiness FOR GOOD!

If you are ready to TAKE CHARGE of your mind and body so you can LOSE your excess weight - and never find it again, *SCHEDULE A TRANSFORMATION SESSION NOW!

Rebekah is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Weight Loss and Nutrition Specialist, and host of the Successful Weighs Podcast. Rebekah is the CEO/Founder of Rebekah & Co., LLC, as well as an award winning Marketing Expert & Speaker, and Co-Author of 26 marketing books currently available on Amazon. 

Rebekah lost 125lbs (yes - a whole person!) and kept it off, and is now a Fitness Model and in training for a bodybuilding competition. At 50+ years old, Rebekah is a Social Media Influencer who will be featured in two books that will be released in early 2019. In her "spare time", Rebekah enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, who affectionately refer to her as "Grandberry".

Rebekah W.
BEFORE 250lbs - AFTER 125lbs
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