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Lose Weight NOW!

Are you SICK
of Being FAT?

Let's work together to fix that!

Yours, specifically. :)
Are you sick of being fat and ready to take serious action to get your sexy back? Spend 10 minutes on the phone with me and avoid ten THOUSAND hours of frustration! Let's discuss your fat loss goals and discover which program is right for YOU!
10 Minutes | Phone or Zoom | Complimentary

ZOOM Transformation Strategy Session
You've set your goal, made a commitment to yourself, and now all you need are the exact steps to get you there. Complete, NO BS, food, fitness, and mind shift plan you can implement on your own. Personalized/customized for YOU specifically based on your lifestyle and discipline. Perfect for self-starters that can stick to a program with no intervention.
60 Minutes | Live or Zoom | $97

90 Day Hardcore FATBLAST VIP Coaching
That's it, you've HAD IT!!!
You're DONE feeling miserable about yourself, dreading meals and social interactions with friends and co-workers, and not being able to grab clothing off the rack at the department store without trying it on - and the humiliation of having to return (or donate) it because even though it was two sizes bigger than you thought you needed, it was three sizes too small. I'VE BEEN THERE!!! I feel your pain, and I KNOW how to fix it. I've done it myself! :)

You'll get to work DIRECTLY with me, using the exact system I used to lose 127lbs and keep it off. NO BS, NO EXCUSES, NO FAIL. It's a system based on radical honesty, commitment, and accountability. It's like having your best weight-loss buddy in your pocket, holding you to your promise. TOGETHER we will change how you think about food, exercise, and most of all... yourself. 

Your investment in yourself includes one-one sessions with me, HARDCORE ACCOUNTABILITY, personalized food & fitness plans, tools and resources to kick cravings, reboot your metabolism, re-frame your mind, and private support group on Facebook.

BY APPLICATION ONLY! I only want to work with the seriously committed so we don't waste each other's time and energy. My clients deserve to get the results they desire, so I only work with those who are ready to step up and take responsibility for their long term success. I hope that's you! :)
90 DAY PROGRAM | Pre-Acceptance Interview *Required* | $1997

RADICAL REBOOT 21 Day Transformation Intensive | LIVE-IN PROGRAM

Have you ever just....
... found yourself thinking, if ONLY I had someone to follow me around and slap the junk food out of my hands and make me work out????

... thought for a moment, if only I could get AWAY from my house/kids/husband for a while so I could get myself and my eating turned around????

... if only there were SOMETHING that would give me the kick in the booty that I need and set me on the right path to get the body I KNOW I can have????


My signature, 21 Day LIVE-IN, Radical Reboot, full immersion program is EXACTLY what you're looking for!  For twenty-one consecutive days you will live in my home, under my supervision and guidance, doing every thing that I do, and nothing that I don't. We will eat together, food prep together, meditate together, work-out together... you get the idea!!! :)

You will benefit from 'round-the-clock education, support, and radical accountability. There will be no opportunity to sabotage yourself, and you WILL get results! You will learn and apply your new skills, hands-on, as it happens! This is your opportunity to detox your body, remove all temptations, and restructure your relationship with food - and yourself!

Your investment in yourself and your success includes lodging, food, fitness, and some other really cool tools. All you need to do is get to Denver, CO - and bring your sweats!!! You can even leave your phone and credit card at home.

I only accept ONE qualified client per month, and your 21 Day Radical ReBoot Transformation Intensive begins on the 1st of the month. Your program must be paid in full prior to your arrival. BECAUSE of the intense nature of the Radical Reboot, an intake interview, doctor's release, and background check are required. This is SERIOUS restructuring for the SERIOUSLY serious about losing fat FOREVER. All forms will be provided upon your acceptance to the program.
21 Day LIVE-IN | Pre-Acceptance Interview *Required* | $4997

Every program begins with an honest conversation to assess your needs and goals.



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